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Sarah Azhari

Sarah Azhari

Gallery terlengkap Sarah Azhari bugil dan Rahma Azhari bugil. Download gambar Sarah Azhari bugil terlengkap, selain itu ada juga film dan video mesum Sarah Azhari. Selain Sarah Azhari juga ada gallery terlengkap Rahma Azhari bugil dan Ayu Azhari bugil atau Ayu Azhari telanjang. Sarah Azhari is the popular actress from Indonesia. After incident "soap opera" in 1998 the popularities of Sarah Azhari is very progressively bounce up. Many user internet in Indonesia type all about Sarah Azhari. In here you can free download beauty photo, image and picture gallery of Sarah Azhari. Sarah Azhari was born on June 16, 1977 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now, Sarah Azhari is 32 year old. Sarah Azhari is an Indonesian actress with very beautiful face and charming smile, Indonesian film actress, Indonesian television (TV) series actress, top Indonesian actress, the best Indonesian actress at festival Indonesian film 2006 from "Sinetron" staring film, Indonesian star, commercial star, commercial advertisement star from 1995, as icon sexiest model in Indonesia. Sarah Azhari is the top internet download and more than 22.8 million user search about Sarah Azhari. This is the word to say about Sarah Azhari, beautiful Indonesian model, commercial model, hot and sexy model, beautiful Indonesian supermodel, hot and sexy supermodel, beautiful Indonesian celebrity, hot and sexy celebrity, top supermodel celebrity, Indonesian (Java-Pakistan) women (whose fresh, beauty, smart and easy going), famous women in the world of Indonesian entertainment and modeling, top women, amazing women, very beautiful and charming women. She has a very beautiful and charming face, natural beauty, charming smile, controversial actress, very beautiful brown eyes, beautiful black hair, thin lips, beautiful skin, slim and nice body, body measurement being (height: 171 cm), constellation: Gemini girl. Sarah Azhari is the sex icon, large breast actress Indonesia. Shot photos and image exclusively by our cameraman. Special Sarah Azhari beauty photos, images and pictures collection from here. If you like the high quality photos and more picture, 3gp file, mp3 files and video of Sarah Azhari, please send your request to

Biography for Sarah Azhari

Date of birth : Jakarta, June 16, 1977
Height / Weight : 171 cm / 67 kg
Career: actress, advertising model, TV presenter, Singer
Hobby : classic car collection, shopping
Blood type : A
Eyes color: Brown and black
Start on entertainment : as model in 1995
Primary Hometown : Jakarta
Hip: 94 cm
Waist: 88 cm
Breast cover size: 38
Shoes size: 41
Color skin: white brass, with the diametrical shape hair
Breast size: 38
Favorite color: blue, red and black
Fame Sinetron: Montir - montir sexy (1997)
Fame film : Daun Di atas bantal, Suami - suami takut istri

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